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At HTSPT you can search our large hotspot database when you click on 'Sights' in in the menu, to find the perfect match for your occasion. But what if you could be surprised, as is popular with travel nowadays? Cindy Groenestein also wondered about that and began SurpriSeat, now available in Rotterdam. Every month (or just for one time) dining at an unknown location. We wanted to try that!


SurpriSeat-websiteAlthough we are not allowed to know which restaurants are all participating - the tension would soon be gone - we are assured of enough nice hotspots and other surprises. We create an account and can indicate the city and with how many people we want to get a subscription. Nice! Because you do not have to register separately, for example, with a food club. We choose for the option to expierence it just one time, with two persons. (We also give away three months for two people! More about this below.)

Dietary requirements and allergies

We then choose a date and time that suited us and passed on our dietary requirements and allergies. We are both vegetarians and Kirsten is, in all likelihood, gluten intolerant. Tricky subscribers, but no problem for SurpriSeat!

‘And now we wait’

SurpriSeat-SMSThe anticipation already makes us enthusiastic. Where are we going? Have we ever been there? When do we actually get to hear it? On the day that it's about to happen, we receive a teaser SMS in the morning in which everything is still kept secret, but in which the tension is built up again. Normally we always know where we are going, so this experience is already so much more fun. Two hours before we are escorted to our table we receive a disclosure email! We're going to.. sorry we can not say. ;) It has to stay a surprise which restaurants are participating. But we had not been there yet! Those two hours of preparation and travel time are nice to decide whether you want to change clothes or something like that, but we were ready to go!

The surprise dinner

SurpriSeat-CocktailWe park our bicycle and enter the restaurant where we are greeted in a friendly manner. The reservation has come through well and the host escorted us to our table. At SupriSeat you always get at least two courses and you still have the choice to order extra to complete the experience. So we could not resist ordering cocktails directly here, because there is a Rotterdam mix guru behind the bar.

At this spot, shared dining is customary, so everything comes on the table. Many bowls, trays and pans with delicious dishes. We will not talk about this too extensively or we will reveal too much. But the photos say enough, right? Of course all vega and gluten free, because that's what we wanted. After the extensive main dish we get, instead of their gluten-containing starters, both a tasty ice cream dessert. And let's be honest; that might be even better! Oh, and after the first cocktails we both ordered another one.. we couldn't resist.



SurpriSeatWe are convinced that this concept will catch on and grow rapidly in the Netherlands! Once a month a surprise dinner with your friend, father/mother, brother/sister or even with a group! Or even better; give it to someone as a present, that is original. Hint; Christmas always comes faster than you think.

Give away| As we said, together with SurpriSeat we also give away a three month-subscription for two people, so keep an eye on our Instagram. Everyone with a (free) HTSPT account is more likely to win, so you can already create that on the top right.


Ruden Nijsse

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